Project365-2014 - Alan Potter
2014-01-15 (Day 015) Luton Airport!

2014-01-15 (Day 015) Luton Airport!

For the past four years or so, I have been a fairly regular commuter to Stevenage, with seldom a month going by without a visit. For most of these journeys, I have travelled to London's Luton Airport. And on almost evey ocasion, I have taken a photograph of this sign. There is something about its anachronistic styling that has charmed me, and it has been a safe "in the bank" photo of the day. Yet on every occasion I have found something I would prefer to post.

Now I am about to change job, and so I expect this to be my last jaunt to Luton Airport. Since I shall have no further opportunities to photograph the sign, I will post it today.

Curious that I post "Arrivals" on a day that is the start of the process to "departure" from my current job!

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