Project365-2014 - Alan Potter
2014-01-16 (Day 016) Stephen Ward at the Aldwych Theatre

2014-01-16 (Day 016) Stephen Ward at the Aldwych Theatre

This evening I travelled from Stevenage to the Aldwych Theatre in London, where I saw Andrew Lloyd-Webber's new show, Stephen Ward.

Before the show started, I walked round the back of the theatre and saw this sign - naturally enough it was above the Stage Door.

I like to think that I am competent on stage, but I am nowhere near the standard of the professionals. These guys bring energy and enthusiasm night after night; they have astonishing voices and amazing consistency. They learn dance moves in minutes that would take me weeks, then they perform the dances with grace and power I could never match. Their acting draws you into the storyline.

So today's pic is for all professional performers out there - you do a great job, and the more I learn the more I realise how much better than me you are!

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