Project365-2014 - Alan Potter
2013-01-05 (Day 005) Wallace Monument Sunrise

2013-01-05 (Day 005) Wallace Monument Sunrise

Out for a run this morning, and as I neared the end I saw the sunrise catching the Wallace Monument. The only camera I had with me was the phone. Even worse, I was using an app - HDR Camera+ - and I hadn't set it up properly. So I ended up with a 3Mpixel image, which I tried to crop further.

The end result is a picture that isn't as good as I had hoped. There's no detail in the foliage below the monument, and the monument and Abbey Crag are stuck in the middle of the pictuer when I would rather have them at the 1/3 points.

Oh well, maybe next week I will have a decent camera, and good waterproof walking boots with me. Bet it's cloudy and overcast!