Project365-2014 - Alan Potter
2014-01-28 (Day 028) Tripod

2014-01-28 (Day 028) Tripod

It is with deep regret that we announce the passing of A. Tripod today.

A. Tripod was not a wealthy or expensive, but endeavoured to do his duty and served with distinction through several years of photography, providing support when needed. Indeed, he was still hapily active last night when called upon to help with photographs of Henrietta the bear.

This afternoon, however, the long arm that is used to tighten the platform into position appeared to strip its thread; the arm would turn uselessly, leaving the camera to slowly but assuredly fall forwards, soon to be facing the ground.

Let us not dwell on the plight of the photographer who had dragged himself out into the cold rain to take some pictures, instead let us remember the service provided by A. Tripod.

No flowers, by request.