Project365-2014 - Alan Potter
2014-01-26 (Day 026) South Alloa

2014-01-26 (Day 026) South Alloa

Back home, and off skating this morning. On the way back, I came for a detour through South Alloa. This is a tiny village on the south side of The River Forth. There are Scottsh Woodlands signs at the foreshore, but there is also a lot of long grass that seems intended to deter people from getting too close to the river.

Beyond the grass lurks this abandoned pier with some form of hand-operated crane at the end.

Apparently there are records of a ferry having operated here from around the year 1620, crossing from South Alloa to the much larger town of Alloa, which is on the north side of the Forth here. At the north side of the river today is the massive Alloa glass works.

The backdrop to all of this, of course, the Ochile Hills - today with the lightes brushing of snow at the tops.

On a photographic note, I thought this should perhaps be black and white. But when I tried that, I found it hard to "see" the picture; the various lines of the fence seemed to get lost against the similarly-toned mud. So instead, I went for this desaturated. Not sure whether it works, but it is at least a little bit different from the almost-oversaturated pictures I normally post.

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