Project365-2018 - Alan Potter
2018-02-13 (Day 044) Wallacestone View

2018-02-13 (Day 044) Wallacestone View

I keep going back to Wallacestone Park when the weather is clear, to look out over the Forth Valey from this great viewpoint.

We are looking almost due north, and the view isdominated by the hills and the River Forth. If I read the map correctly, the snow-covered peak on the left of the picture is Ben Cleuch. To its right, the next peak is Andrew Gannell Hill. You might have thought that someone with a hill named after them would be easy to learn about, but I can't easily find anything on Google about who Mr Gannel was.

On front of them, with no snow on them, is The Law.

The Hillfoot villages are hidden by a small rise, and then the meadowland which slopes down to the river. Alloa and Clackmannan are also hidden by the ground features, although in the centre of the picture there is a hint of a tower, which I think may possibly be the Clackmannan Tower.

Moving past the plethora of electricity pylons we see two bridges crossing the River Forth at this point. To the west (left) is the new Clackmannanshire Bridge, completed in 2008. Spread out across the image is the Kincardine Bridge, an older structure dating from the 1930s.

South of the river, the fertile farmland around Airth and Brackenlees. And towards the left of centre, Airth Castle, now a popular wedding venue.

But don't let the lovely blue colours fool you - it was chilly this morning!