Project365-2018 - Alan Potter
2018-01-01 (Day 001) Let's Go Round Again

2018-01-01 (Day 001) Let's Go Round Again

Firstly, Happy New Year!

Now, do you remember a few weeks ago I took my broken Canon G7X back to the shop where I had bought it, to have it repaired under extended warranty? Well, it turns out that the repair dragged on longer than it should have, and I have managed to obtain a voucher to replace the camera.

As a side note I would say that I normally do not buy extended warranties, but with cameras - especially small ones - I do. Even though I try to treat my cameras with care, a small camera being used for photo a day is necessarily carted around pretty much everywhere I go, stuffed into jacket pockets or car glove boxes. The upshot is that I have never had one last a full five years...

Anyway, having had the G7X in for repair three times since 2015, I decided that it was time for a change. And the change is to the Panasonic TZ100 - a camera built around the same Sony 1" sensor as the G7X, but with a 25-250mm equivalent zoom lens. I think that I am going to enjoy having a bit of telephoto power at my fingertips.

So much for cameras, what about the picture? Well, the family and I went to visit our relatives in Kilmacolm, who put on an absolutely outstanding New Years Day dinner today. While there, I took the dog for a walk in the park and I rather liked the sunset - so that's today's picture.