Project365-2018 - Alan Potter
2018-01-02 (Day 002) Training Run

2018-01-02 (Day 002) Training Run

Have I mentioned that I am in training for a marathon? Yes? Are you sure?

Okay, sorry, but you are probably going to have to get used to a fair number of running-related photos over the first third of the year - because I'm going to be spending a lot of time training for it.

Today was quite a short run, just three gentle miles. Most of the run was spent on the towpath of the Union Canal, which was where this photograph was taken.

After having spent so much time in centrally-heated houses over the past few days (and I'm not complaining about that!) it was nice to get outside and feel the chill and the rain on my skin.

Don't worry - this will only last until the end of April. Last time I did a marathon I stopped doing photo a day - I hope that that won't happen this time.