Project365-2016 - Alan Potter
2016-04-30 (Day 121) Auchinbaird Windmill

2016-04-30 (Day 121) Auchinbaird Windmill

I had an early start at the ice rink this morning. When I came out, the sun was spliitting the gorgeous deep blue sky. I decided to come home via the Hillfoots, the villages that sit at the bottom of the Ochils.

As the road turned south I came across this - Auchinbaird Windmill. This was built in the early 18th century, to power a pump that drain a nearby coal mine.

Later, the mine closed and the windmill was converted into a doocote.

Behind the windmill are the Ochils themselves, in particular we can see Craig Leith (left) and The Nebit (next top in from the left). I think.