Project365-2016 - Alan Potter
2016-03-22 (Day 082) Wallace Monument View

2016-03-22 (Day 082) Wallace Monument View

I've posted a few pictures of the Wallace Monument recently, but this is the view from the monument - well, from the base of it anyway. I had a little while to kill after being at the dentist this morning, and so went to see what I could see.

We're looking pretty much south-west from the top of Abbey Craig, where the monument stands. The huge loop is the River Forth, which meanders eastwards (i.e. from right to left). The road coming in from the left is the way to Cambuskenneth, with its famou Abbey.

Beyonf thta is the city of Stirling, most famous for its castle - the yello building on the hilltop centre-right of the picture.

Behind that are the Touch, Gargunnock and Fintry hills, which come to an end in steep cliffs at their western side.