Project365-2016 - Alan Potter
2016-04-28 (Day 119) Doos Dooing It

2016-04-28 (Day 119) Doos Dooing It

I've never really tried any kind of nature photography before, but when I saw these two pigeons necking in my back garden I thought I would give it a go.

There have been a couple of pigeons chasing each other around in the garden for a couple of weeks now, I'm assuming that these might be the same ones. This evening, they spent quite a while together on this branch. It looked as if they were cleaning each other.

The light was starting to fail and I don't have the right gear to make a good photo under these circumstances. I had to go to a very high ISO and crop pretty dramatically in photoshop, so I ended up with a very noisy picture. I have attempted to improve the pic with very heavy noise reduction on the background, but it's still a bit grungy...